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Mater-BI® + natural materials = Promovita®

Promovita® products have applications in different industrial sectors, such as food packaging, single-use clothing, industrial packaging, the floriculture industry and paper-based products.

In a composting facility, Mater-Bi ® decomposes in a matter of months and not the thousands of years required by traditional petroleum-based plastics. Promovita® decomposition can be on a par with that of Mater-Bi ® or might vary depending on the degradation time of the natural substrate it is blended with.

The food

Semi-finished paper used for plates, glasses and biodegradable containers is processed using bio-plastification which ensures resistance and stability while at the same time guaranteeing the product’s eco-compatibility. Promovita® completely adheres to food standards and facilitates the production of a full range of catering products.


Thanks to its water-resistant properties, mechanical resistance and non-toxicity, Promovita® can be safely used in contact with any food type, whether liquid or solid, at both room and low temperatures. In fact, its extraordinary resistance at low temperatures makes it the ideal product for preserving freezer and refrigerated foodstuffs (guaranteeing the transpiration of the food while maintaining its flavour).

Technical single-use

Products are made to the highest standard for individual protection (e.g. Category 3 CE overalls and jackets resistant to the PHI-X174 Bacteriophage virus). The textile line offers a range of products for healthcare, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics sectors, where operations require maximum certified protection for workers. Thanks to the components of Mater-Bi®, this line of clothing is impervious and breathable and provides an effective barrier to organic liquids and powder such as PHI-X174 Bacteriophage virus, artificial blood or asbestos.

The paper-based

Recent years have seen a growing demand for environmentally-friendly biodegradable products, which has led to a significant growth in Promovita® laminate production and has motivated the organisation to explore new channels of experimentation and broaden their fields of application.