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Two-Layer System with One Objective

The Promovita® trademark incorporates a series of semi-finished products produced through bio-plastification, an industrial process designed to make different types of natural substrates (such as paper, cardboard, natural fibre, non-wovens, etc) water resistant without altering their biodegradability.

Bio-plastification makes it possible to avoid the use of non-compostable pollutants, for example polyethylene, chemical glues, acrylic resin or other synthetic polymers derived from petroleum, thereby significantly reducing the environmental impact associated with common plastics.

The biodegradability of Promovita® laminates results from their transformation into water, carbon dioxide and finally methane through the action of naturally occurring micro-organisms.

Apart from being biodegradable, Promovita® bioplastic products are compostable meaning they can be disposed of as organic material in municipal solid waste systems and be treated in composting plants where waste is transformed into compost i.e. fertiliser for plants.

In addition, during cremation, Promovita® produces minimal amounts of CO2, consequently not producing greenhouse gases.

The most concrete examples of the variety of applications open to bio-plastification is evidenced in the field of catering products (glasses, plates etc.) and non-wovens (single-use clothing, flow-pack wrapping, etc.). Most of these products have undergone the bio-plastification process which ensures resistance while at the same time guaranteeing the environmental-friendliness of the products.