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An Environmentally Friendly Plastic

Mater-Bi® is a biodegradable and compostable plant-derived plastic created by Novamont using corn starch and other vegetable oils in order to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to common plastic. A range of biopolymer materials bearing physical properties that are fully comparable to those of synthetic plastics fall under this trademark, which, thanks to their high level of biodegradability, are broken down quickly and with a greatly reduced environmental impact.

Therefore, Mater-Bi® is compostable: that is, transformable into compost, rich in organic matter which regenerates the soil and accommodates new life.

The breakdown cycle of the material is not new: it is part of the indispensable process which has allowed our planet to maintain the necessary conditions to support life and regeneration. Microorganisms break down organic matter into simple inorganic molecules before returning them to the eco-system.

Mater-Bi® can be broken down through organic fraction of waste and conforms to European standard UNI EN 13432 for regulating the production of biodegradable and compostable materials, which, once dispersed into and decomposed in the natural environment, must not present any toxicity.

A further point in this green plastic’s favour is that it is derived from non-genetically modified natural materials which are annually renewable. This means that Mater-Bi® production has a reduced impact on the eco-system and isn’t dependent on raw materials that are in danger of being exhausted.